Improving Quality of Life for Residents living with Mild to Moderate Dementia


Based on the ‘Inspired’ research project in Australia, Nyton set out to create a Home-Like clustered domestic Model of Care. Traditional residential aged care settings tend to be large facilities based on the medical model. At Nyton, we believe the environment is key and set out to develop a domestic feel to the Coach House to encourage and support independence and re-enablement. Nyton House is not a Nursing Home and the Home Like Model of care is only suitable for Residents with Mild Dementia due to the open communal style of living.

The new dementia care wing at Nyton House offers:

  • 9 en-suite bedrooms

  • A safe, self-contained unit with rooms and furniture designed specifically for dementia

  • Accessible outdoor spaces that residents can access independently

  • Consistent Care Staff for continuity and improved relationships

  • Residents assist with meal preparation

  • A kitchenette to enable self-service
  • Re-enablement – Dignity - Well Being

    The Inspire Model of Care (Investigating Services Provided in Residential Care Environment for Dementia looked investigated quality of life, medications and hospital referrals.

    Our philosophy:

  • Help residents to feel at home in their own room and shared spaces
  • Flexible Care Routines
  • Sufficient staff numbers to allow Carers to spend time with residents
  • Provide easy access to outdoor spaces and gardens to promote well-being
  • Create opportunities to feel valued and independent irrespective of cognitive disability
  • Rooms

    Our partners have helped create rooms that feel like home while reflecting the latest research into dementia-friendly environments. We have tried to support wayfinding without losing the Home-Like feeling and have considered colour, lighting and furnishing to create a safe, familiar and calming space. Every room has an un-suite wheelchair accessible toilet and all room are a minimum
    We are happy to carry out a courtesy visit along with a pre-admission assessment for prospective clients. We can take permanent placements and respite stays, and are open to discussing individual clients' needs and expectations.

    Please contact Nyton House on 01243 543228 and ask to speak to Felicity, the Manager, for further information.
    Nyton House