Data Policy

At Nyton House we understand how important it is to be transparent about residents personal data, how we use it, keep it secure and confidential, and how you may access and review your information. 

Why do we keep information about you?

To enable us to provide the best care, protection, and support.

What personal information do we collect about our residents?

• Your personal details: name, date of birth, address, phone numbers and details about your next of kin. We also keep some financial details.
• Your GP name and practice details.
• Medical records applying to the time you have spent with us.
• We keep records required by care home regulations, like risk assessments, information on resuscitation and records of accidents and incidents.
• We also keep records of likes, dislikes, support needs and life history in your care plan.

Who may this information be disclosed to?

• Provide information to other agencies who may contribute to your care, like hospitals.
• Keep your GP fully informed.
• Provide some information to people with Power of Attorney, Deputyship or people acting on your behalf if they request it or when it is in your best interest.
• Share with agencies who will continue your care: for example, if you chose to move to another care home.

How we keep your information secure and confidential

Nyton House Limited has a non-disclosure agreement that all staff must adhere to, and a legal duty to keep information about you strictly confidential. We will not disclose personal information about you without your permission unless we are required by law to do so.

If you do give consent to sharing your information with others you may withdraw your consent at any time. Where an individual cannot give consent because they lack the mental capacity an advocate or Lasting Power of Attorney may sign a consent form on their behalf.

We are legally obliged to pass on some limited personal information:
• When a court order has been issued
• When a death occurs
• At the request of a Coroner
• When an infectious disease is diagnosed
• In the event of serious injury

Images and Facebook

Nyton House uses Facebook as a way of keeping relatives and friends up to date with our activities and special events.  All residents (or their advocate if they do not have capacity) will be asked for their consent to share images on Facebook.

Your information rights and accessing your personal record

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right to access your personal information we hold about you, including your medical records.
You can ask to change anything on your records that is wrong or that you are unhappy about. If we are unable to make the requested changed then you will be given a reason.
If you wish to look at copies of your personal records, ask your home manager manager@nytonhouse.co.uk

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