NYTON HOUSE – September 2018 BUGLE

May 23, 2018

NYTON HOUSE – September 2018 BUGLE

Nyton Residents were privileged to be invited to Goodwood House for afternoon tea

Friday 3rd August Kodie and Shane got married and came to Nyton to have their pictures taken.  Obviously, we had to toast the happy couple, shame we had the gas in the background!  Mrs. Skinner is now fully back at work after such an eventful wedding.

We’ve had quite a month, coping with the heat and so much going on.  We had a trip to Goodwood House, which we really enjoyed.  We had a tour of the house, including seeing some Constable paintings and then a wonderful afternoon tea in the ballroom.

As you can see, the cakes and sandwiches were amazing, just look at Ellie’s face to see her delight.  We cannot express how much we all enjoyed the whole afternoon.

We are coming up to David the Gardeners retirement.  He has been her for many years and we will sorely miss him.  We will obviously have a retirement party to properly say goodbye nearer the time.  You will have met by now Andy (Nicky’s husband) who is taking over from David as the gardener here.

We also have 2 other new staff members who joined us last month.  Kristy Blunden the Chef (who is also Teresa’s daughter) joining Amy in the kitchen and Dawn Hatcher who is joining the caring team.  Please make them feel welcome and give them time to adjust to how we like things done at Nyton. 

Teresa has exceeded our expectations this month with 4 amazing birthday cakes.

 Kathleen’s Bible for her 98th Jose’s 102nd Cat cake

As you can see she has a real talent to individualise the cake for the person.  The Bible was so realistic and as for the card table it was incredible.

Roy’s Card cake & Lyn’s birthday cake.

On the 15th September we are having our Summer Fair.  We will be having a Hog Roast, bouncy castle and other games as well as a re-run of our Scooter race which was such fun last year.  Please join in with the staff and have some fun this year with your friends and family.

Dr. Judy and Dr. Chris” – On their marks” last year!

This coming month we are moving over to electronic documentation.  This will mean that all our records and all your care and medical notes will be replaced by electronic versions….so please be patient with us whilst we change over.  This is a major change and the staff will be seen looking perplexed at their computers and tablets (small computers) whilst working.  They are working, just adapting our work practices in line with GDPR (data protection to avoid breach of confidentiality) allowing all our records to link up and help us by avoiding having to double and triple the same notes on different records.

We also celebrate Harvest Festival this month.  We will donate our food collection to the Bognor and Chichester Food Banks, helping local families.


So Autumn here we come…..Nyton’s garden transforms itself into an array of gold this month.  Enjoy!

Felicity and Harvey

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